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Relatable bpd things™


- ’’Is this attention seeking? Is this manipulative? Is this romanticizing?’’
- Feeling like u give 100% and get 3% back. With everyone. Always.
- Over analyzing insignificant things like glances, stares, gestures, tone of voice, etc.
- Constantly dropping interests and leaving things halfway done.
- Ur entire fucking thought process contradicting itself, being a paradox.
- Staying with abusive friends / partners because who’s gonna give u attention??? Who even are u without them???
- Secretly wishing for bad things to happen to u bc then u have reasons to soak in self-pity and want attention.
- Everyday at the crack of dawn u spin the Wheel of Symptoms™, u never know what’s gonna happen, it’s fucking wild.
- Never being satisfied, always having that underlining emptiness.
- Not being able to tell the difference between sarcasm and ‘’This person seriously fucking hates me.’’
- Having a good day and immediately panicking that u’ve been faking it all.
- Splitting. Just splitting.
- Always lowkey being ready for death.

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